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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Beyond “Band of Brothers”, The war memoirs of Major Dick Winters

One doesn’t need to have an interest in military history to enjoy this book, It’s a tremendous opportunity to get inside the head of Major Dick Winters, the Commander of the famed Easy Company featured in the “Band of Brothers” the HBO 10-part mini-series that originally aired back in 2001.


Only a Ripple Today

For years I never really paid any attention to the words. I think I just liked the color of the mug. A classy black with some rich autumn colored leaves… and if you looked closely across the bottom, in big, yet very low-contrast gold letters, were the words “THINK CHANGE”


We Already Paid That

Sometimes things happen in business that are hard to forget. Please be forewarned that this is one of those times when truth is stranger than fiction.