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More than “stick-to-it-iveness”

Recently someone asked me the “one” most valuable secret to success in business. I was, of course, honored to be included in their definition of “success” – but, I think my inability to spout a quick answer left them a bit disenchanted. And I’ve been pondering the question ever since.


QR Codes

Assuming you’ve not been living under a rock, you’ve heard of QR codes and probably introduce your smart phone to them on a regular basis. Or, if you’ve been hanging around any marketing types lately you’ve probably had your share of QR discussions. So if their not new, why consider them a “Trend worth watching?”


Dan, the Man

Want to learn about yourself? Good. Go into business and discover that business ownership is filled with benchmarks. I remember the first one.


Beyond “Band of Brothers”, The war memoirs of Major Dick Winters

One doesn’t need to have an interest in military history to enjoy this book, It’s a tremendous opportunity to get inside the head of Major Dick Winters, the Commander of the famed Easy Company featured in the “Band of Brothers” the HBO 10-part mini-series that originally aired back in 2001.


Only a Ripple Today

For years I never really paid any attention to the words. I think I just liked the color of the mug. A classy black with some rich autumn colored leaves… and if you looked closely across the bottom, in big, yet very low-contrast gold letters, were the words “THINK CHANGE”