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Dan, the Man

Want to learn about yourself? Good. Go into business and discover that business ownership is filled with benchmarks. I remember the first one.

Dan LiberatoreIt was clear that I was destined to be an entrepreneur when the “pain of not trying became greater than the pain of knowing that I could try and fail.” There were other benchmarks. Like the time a client boldly stated that I needed to hire her son. I wasn’t looking to hire, but she was persistent, very persistent. So I gave him a chance as an intern… and soon discovered that this guy was “quality” top to bottom. Whatever I delegated his way, it always came back done to perfection, often beyond what was required. In time he touched every department of the company with a refreshing “stick-to-it-iveness” demeanor that got the job done – and right – the first time.

Through the flood of 96, and post 911, when business dried up for 6 months, he hung in there – stepping up to the plate – repeatedly. Somewhere along the line, I started to pay attention to the life phases of my business, and realized that this former intern, now my “key man” with 15 years of service, had the skill sets needed to take the company into the next phase. Time for another benchmark. This time I realized that the “pain of not making a change was greater than the pain of making that change and wishing I hadn’t.” Without a doubt, It was time for me to recreate myself, and pursue an arena that better fit my natural, God-given, skill sets.

And so it’s with great honor that I introduce Dan Liberatore as a next owner of Purpose1. He has truly “been there, done that.” Together, let’s watch how the company grows under his leadership.