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Executive Assistant

Get the office work done, especially routine documentation and admin tasks. Request transcription services, or use HUB support to organize your files and streamline your work flow. Get help with computer troubleshooting. Request on-line market research or a competitive price search when making a capital purchase. You get the idea… plug us in so you can do more important stuff.

Book Keeping

Delegate your invoicing and keep the cash flowing. Keep your books up to date without pushing them to “sometime later”. You define the level of financial autonomy, the timing of disbursements, and the frequency of reporting. Spend your time improving reports not making them.

Adjunct Marketing

Looking for help with marketing your product or service? The HUB can help.

Our formula is simple:

We work together to FIND a marketing strategy that’s working,
We FOLLOW it to make sure that it has sustainable repeatability, and then revise it with a FOCUS on maximizing ROI.

Or, maybe you simply need help to prepare a presentation, refine your client database, or streamline your production process. Your problem is our challenge – let’s work together.

Moving the Needle for Business.

Business… It’s the best of times, and the worst of times. It’s the biggest part of our day – an exciting journey with constant adventure. But sometimes it’s a lonely experience. Putting out fires. Stopping the buck. When the challenges of life and business bubble to the top, it’s a wise plan to talk with someone that you trust.

At the HUB, your Trusted Advisor is Carlton Shank. An entrepreneur at heart, many describe Carlton as a business professional with the tenacity to get things done. A business innovator for 35+ years, he is uniquely qualified to coach those who want to move their needle. Recognized for developing focused teams with proven track records, Carlton’s purpose is to help others excel at doing life and business.

As a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business veteran, if you want to move your needle, inquire about the full menu of strategic services that are available to you.

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