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The Workplace HUB Meeting Center

The HUB Meeting Center offers rooms for meetings and events to associates and affiliates.  Whether you need a small place for a discussion to a large room for a meeting, training, or other uses, The HUB can meet your needs. 

Register, Reserve, Remit and Ready

Check room availability on The HUB Calendar.  Reservations made on “first-come, first-served” basis with confirmation upon receipt of payment.  


BH = Business Hours

EW = Evening/Weekends

Available Rooms Description Access Cost Per Use

Meeting Room


A relaxed home-style room with comfortable chairs and a desk.  This room will comfortably seat up to 5 people.  A large screen television/monitor is available as well as a whiteboard.  As Scheduled

BH $20/Hr.

EW $35/Hr.

Conference Room

12′ x 16′

Our professional room with a conference table to collaborate with your team. The Conference Room is designed for 5 to 10 people. The Conference Room contains a conference table with chairs, television/monitor, computer with MS Office, whiteboard and a hospitality cart. As Scheduled

BH $40./Hr 

EW $60/Hr.

Event Room

30′ x 40′

This large room can be used for a meeting, lecture, training, discussion or seminar. Tables and chairs can be set up as an auditorium, classroom, “round” table or an open center. The Event Room is available for 12 to 50 people. The room has a digital projector, wireless microphone, whiteboard and a hospitality center. As Scheduled

BH $50/Hr.

EW $75/Hr.


* Affiliates do not reside at the HUB but use The HUB Meeting Center on an as-available basis.