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Only a Ripple Today

For years I never really paid any attention to the words. I think I just liked the color of the mug. A classy black with some rich autumn colored leaves… and if you looked closely across the bottom, in big, yet very low-contrast gold letters, were the words “THINK CHANGE”

Only a Ripple Today Coffee MugI have no idea where the cup came from, nor how long it continued to be my favorite. At least, I assume it’s my favorite, because it’s still here, if only by default. Others have come and gone, to wherever old mugs go. Only a Ripple Today coffee mug It was only recently that I began to take notice of the small white letters… and the incredible truth inscribed in the words, “What seems like only a ripple today… can become the wave of the future.” So true. For example, I think it was 1995 when I first remember a reference to the “internet”… at a local seminar. The entire morning session was about the theory of the internet, what it was, or was to become — and then the infamous words at noon. “Be sure to come back after lunch, because we’re actually going to “get on” the internet.” Serious stuff. Who was going to miss that? As I recall, it was a bit anti-climatic. First, some technical issues, and then it happened, right there on the screen, text from the WORLD WIDE WEB. Truly, it was just a “ripple” Suppose I had emptied my savings that afternoon, and bought every imaginable domain name I could think of.

Hmmm. Of course, that was before the days of godaddy. There’s something to learn here. What are the “ripples” of today. How hard can it be? Just to pick one would be adequate. OK, maybe we can’t all ace the topic like a certain Mr. Jobs, who caught an apple and foresaw the merging of technology with humanity. Just the same, the “ripples” are still here. Seen any good ones lately? Today a “ripple”, tomorrow a “wave” Let’s all enjoy the journey.