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QR Codes

QR CodeAssuming you’ve not been living under a rock, you’ve heard of QR codes and probably introduce your smart phone to them on a regular basis. Or, if you’ve been hanging around any marketing types lately you’ve probably had your share of QR discussions. So if their not new, why consider them a “Trend worth watching?” I’m glad you asked. It’s been my experience that a new marketing tool delivers the best value after its “newness” subsides. Only then is the tool likely to be integrated into a marketing mix because it works, not merely because we can or it’s “cool”. Furthermore, the QR infrastructure is very much alive and growing… Google QR codes and you’ll have more stuff to read than you have time. And yes the debate of which code is best rages on. Microsoft invested heavily in their “tag” shown at left, but my “unofficial” research says that the original black and white version is by far the most common.

QR CodeSmart phones are the delivery tool, and the number of people that use them (or enslaved to) is approaching 500 Million … with expectations to be at 1 Billion by 2015. That’s a lot of technology in your marketplace… and to not give a serious look at how QR codes can support your marketing efforts is well… not real smart. Here’s a couple sites that cut right to the chase. Enjoy! And remember, the best marketing tool is one that anchors a specific purpose, not just something to do because you can.