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Moving the Needle

Business…  It’s the best of times, and the worst of times.  It’s the biggest part of our day – an exciting journey with constant adventure. But sometimes it’s a lonely experience. Putting out fires. Stopping the buck.  When the challenges of life and business bubble to the top, it’s a wise plan to talk with someone that you trust.

With a Trusted Advisor, you get a proven business professional to help you move the needle. It’s someone you can talk with in strict confidence – in a team effort. Not only one-on-one, but you’ll have the option to connect with a group of your peers to help insure that your “talk” turns to action.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business veteran, your connection with a Trusted Advisor is strategically positioned to target a full menu of services in a “results-based” arena.


Executive Coaching and Team building. Creating a safe arena for team growth where mutual accountability is used to achieve career and company goals.


Increasing business efficiencies. Bringing a fresh look to recurring challenges by flowcharting how things get done and go big picture to discover what practical changes are needed for sustained benefit.


Adjunct Marketing Services on-demand.  Providing strategic services that position your brand for accelerated business growth – or developing new sales initiatives that your team can run with.

Your Advisor Coach is equipped to handle many initiatives; however, he may recommend a 3rd party specialist when necessary. Our strategic partners are highly qualified and hand-selected to actively move your objective forward.  In all cases, we facilitate the process to insure your satisfaction and you work direct with our preferred partner without markup.

I would be honored to meet you and explore if there is a fit moving forward. With your approval, we work together to develop a critical path that meets your time and budget. As a minimum, a 6-month plan is typically recommended however there are no contracts. If we’re not able to collectively move the needle, there’s no logic in continuing – it’s a trust thing.

Carlton Shank - Your Trusted Advisor


Moving the Needle

Business Planning

Entrepreneurial Startups

Team Building

Executive Coaching

Marketing Strategies

Transition Management

Process Improvement

Return to Profitability

Position for Sale

Exit Strategies