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Warehousing and Storage


When your shipment arrives we’ll check it in, and put it in your designated storage space. The time to make sure it’s correct is now, not weeks later when vendors are less attentive. You can rest assured knowing you got what you paid for, and that your inventory is correct and ready to ship out.


Your inventory is professionally managed, and easily accessible in a warehouse serviced by a 2-level truck dock and forklift convenience. We control who has access to your inventory and can provide real-time QTY on-hand updates. And, if your inventory exceeds the HUB capacity, you can keep your overflow inventory close by in one of our affiliate warehouses.


Order Processing…2 options

We’ll fulfill your orders generated on your website, or you can use, the HUB’s fulfillment website. Either way, our service provides you with 24/7 real-time order updates and summary reports.

Pick and Pack

Your products are pulled from inventory, in proper QTY’s, and professionally packed in your approved packaging to arrive at the specified destination within the promised time frame. It’s our promise to you.


Such a simple thing. But to achieve complete customer satisfaction we understand we have just one chance to get it right. Success is in the details and we keep you in the loop with tracking conformations.